7 Extremely Easy & Natural Solutions For Your Anxious Dog

7 Extremely Easy & Natural Solutions For Your Anxious Dog

Dogs can have anxiety and it is not uncommon.

Dogs can become nervous or anxious for many reasons. 

Sometimes it’s obvious what is causing your dog’s reaction, such as loud noises or new environments. But this is not always the case.

You can often detect what is triggering their abnormal behavior through observing and paying keen attention to when their body language is indicating that they are anxious. 

There are many ways that you can calm your dog down naturally:

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1. Exercise

Exercising your dog before you leave home not only creates more bonding time, it also gets rid of pent-up energy and tension that can exacerbate anxiety.

2. Mental Stimulation

Sometimes, boredom or loneliness can be the reason for your dog’s anxiety. if this is the case, spend more time with your dog and teach your dog new tricks to divert its attention away from whatever is causing the stress in the first place.

3. Music therapy

A recent study showed that playing your dog’s favorite music can effectively decrease the signs of anxiety in dogs. Try classical music, soft rock, and reggae music as research has shown that many dogs prefer classical music.

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4. Essential Oils

Aromatherapy can help calm you but make sure you get the vet-recommended ones. Please note that essential oils can be toxic for cats and you should never apply essential oils directly to your dog.

5. Massage

A physical touch from you can help ease anxiety in dogs. Give your dog ample hugs and massage your dog, start at the neck, and work downward with long strokes. Over time, you may be able to identify where your dog holds its stress and just work on that particular area.

6. Grooming

Something as simple as a 15-minute brushing every night can relieve your dog’s stress.

7. Calming Bed

A proven way to reassure and create a safe space for your dog is to get your dog a Calming Bed, which is an anti anxiety dog bed. The high raised rim of the Calming bed creates a sense of security, which can calm and relax your dog effectively and quickly. This technique is known to the therapist. 

If you are looking for a good quality anti anxiety dog bed for your dog, check out our Calming Bed.

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