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The US' Highest Rated Dog Bed

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For Dogs All Sizes

Designed to relax and calm anxiety.

This is the most comfortable dog bed ever made. Ridiculously soft.

Machine washable, dryer safe.

Covers are removable!

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  • Calming Bed (Regular + King size)
    Calming Bed (Regular + King size)
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    $ 125.99 USD
    Sale price
    $ 45.99 USD
  • Calming Throw
    Calming Throw
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    $ 59.99 USD
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    $ 23.99 USD


My dog destroyed every bed I bought her. But amazingly this calms her and she absolutely loves it!

Joanne, Arizona

Read all the reviews however was still skeptical. My 10 year old Jackshitzu has not left his new bed in the last hour. Must be so comfyyy"

Marie, California

We have the bed back to ourselves! My dog sleeps on it the whole night without coming to our bed.

Bill, New York